About The BuzzkillKid

This is a shop of one of a kind designed hat, mugs, stickers and some books by Dexter Jacobs mostly for other creators to share their crafts in interesting ways.

Products are printed in the US when possible. However, some items are manufactured in other countries. Below you can read about how to clean some of the products we produce and see how they’re made.

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How it’s made


The best way to clean your hats is to hand-wash them instead of placing them in a washing machine. This will help with retaining their shape and won’t diminish the quality of the embroidered design.

We recommend you wash them with a mild detergent (not bleach), in lukewarm water. If there are any spots that require more attention, you can use a damp cloth, but don’t use brushes.


Our White Glossy Mugs and White Ceramic Mugs with Color Inside are microwave and dishwasher safe.

Matte Black and Glossy Black Magic Mugs, however, should only be hand-washed, and you can’t put them in a microwave. Note that they’re also prone to scratches, so be extra careful.

The same goes for our Enamel Mugs that should only be hand-washed. Also, you can’t heat liquids or food directly in the Enamel Mugsā€”it can damage their coating.

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